MSNBC: Car surfers: Catching a ride to death?

I have two comments on this Car Surfing video, which is all about the “dangers” of car surfing:

One is that I’m amazed that the parents freely admit that they didn’t know what their kid was doing – before they went on to blame it all on movies the kid watched. And apparently he didn’t watch older movies… they blamed Jackass rather than Teen Wolf.

Two is that I’m amazed that the cops are going to arrest kids doing this because this obviously screws up natural selection. If anyone of any age is dumb enough to get onto the roof of a moving car at any speed above, well, zero, then I question that they shouldn’t be weeded out as part of the natural order of life. Same goes for the idiots that are driving the cars that these people are getting on top of – if they think that they aren’t going to be responsible for their actions, they need to reconsider using any more shared oxygen because it’s obvious they don’t need it.

Don’t get me wrong – I can feel for the parents and the general concern for “the innocent children”. The only thing sadder than burying a spouse is burying a child, but these people are climbing on moving cars.

This would be akin to worrying about kids that think they can catch a bullets.

One thought on “Wipeout”

  1. You know what I miss in today’s society and this reminds me of it is… COMMON SENSE!!!! Also society seems to say oh it not kids fault for lack of common sense it movies or anything else. Lets teach kids common sense and tell them no once in a while:) I am now off the soap box.

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