I See What You Did There

MSNBC.com: Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent

Ya know, I’m beginning to feel like the media is creating those images where you have to let your eyes go lazy and then you see something in 3D… or that I’m seeing things very much like Picasso did.

Either way, I pose this realization: Michael Moore is a non-racially driven, Caucasian version of Al Sharpton… or if I may humbly submit the following term: Media Bimbo.

Want the rationale?

It’s pretty simple: they both are media whores. They both yell at the wind without hearing what they say. They both bluster and use fear to keep their press addictions going. They both protest causes even though they are part of group that they are protesting against.

Al-baby is consistently coming out against all things racist even though his comments, views, and press releases show that he himself is racist.

Mikey just did the same thing, by getting involved in the “Occupy” movement: he’s the 1% they are protesting against. He’s called anti-capitalistic yet he’s made money with both fists by plying his trade …which is what a successful capitalist does. Bottom line? You can’t maintain weight like his on a protester’s salary…

I would ask that these people look at themselves in the mirror before opening their mouths but hey…

Would give me less to blog about, I guess.

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