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Must Have in the US!

Not often that I have appliance envy, but I do. This is something that is a year or two old in Japan already and pretty freakin’ neat. Basically it’s a washer/dryer that works like a dishwasher would: first washes and then dries that same load of laundry, all in the same compact sized bin. Meanwhile Americans finally decided to design a paint can that has a drip free spout and a twist off cap. And people wonder why we’re not always ahead of the innovation curve.

Test Drive: D-Link’s USB Products (They suck!)

This Rant has been over a month in the “waiting” because I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. Pretty stupid of me, I know, but when dealing with a hardware vendor I do have an inexplicable large amount of patience when their products are defective. This is especially true when dealing with a brand new/1.0 product. So I’ve been waiting a month for D-Link to step up their support on their DWL-122 WiFi/USB and they’ve failed miserably – in fact, while I’ve been waiting for a new driver from them, I’ve discovered that their DBT-120 Bluetooth/USB adapter sucks almost as much!
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Public Wi-Fi in a Death Spiral

From the FurryGoat: I do agree with the basic fact that I’m not going to go to McDonald’s specify to find a hotspot, but don’t try to sell me that GRPS will beat it out – it’s just to damn slow. It’s not about where the connection is located, but rather the convenience of connectivity. That’s not the half of it, m’boy!
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Why Steve Sucks

Rare for me to attack a fellow online blogger, much less some that’s been a great friend for almost ten years, but Steve really sucks. He always seems to start these side projects that end up costing me money, time and energy. It happens every so often, but it is an ongoing process. He finds a great new toy or mentions a neat project in passing and I have to have one of my own or act on the idea… his Windows Media Center Edition based PC is one of the more recent things that has made me think “Hmmm”.
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Lately there’s been some news stories being published lately about a ring of hackers that have been attacking web servers with Denial of Service attacks and it’s been wreaking havoc all over the ‘net – if this site is up and down over the next week or two it will return! I am not shutting down the site, so if it’s out of commission give it a little while and it should be back up within the hour. Of course posting a “we might be down” message to a web site is like telling someone “if you came back to read this note, don’t come back here!” but it’s the best I could do.

RantsTab (1.2) – A Mini-Hack That’s Cool

I guess I’m biased to the “cool” part, but this is a mini-hack that’s got some very kick-ass potential. As outed by NeoWin back in May, it seems that the released version of MSN’s new Instant Message client (MSN-IM) has been opened up a bit and now allows users to add new tabs to the main IM window. What does this mean? If you run this RantsTab utility (now version 1.2) you can view the ten most recent Rants from this web site. Continue on to read the “fine print”…
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A Case of Bad Geek-karma

A little while ago I wondered if there was such a thing as bad Geek-karma and given certain experiences, I truly believe that it exists. Shortly after writing that bit, Kasia noted that her servers know when she’s on vacation; they wait until she’s gone before they end a long run of problem-free operation. Jeremy has noted that some of his servers only collapsed when he was at least 1000 miles away. It’s a proven fact: Bad Geek-karma exists and can hit without warning. My recent experiences with an iBook have been a first-hand reminder of how bad Geek-karma can screw up an otherwise perfectly good day.
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Oops, I Geeked It Again

I’ve often wondered if there was such a thing as bad Geek-karma and I’m nearly 100% certain that there is. I mean all Geeks have had the days where we’ve attempted to upgrade a PC and there’s just one problem after another. You go to add a new DVD drive to your PC and once you get the cover off you realize that there’s a problem with the cable. Then a jumper is missing. Then you discover the BIOS has to be flashed a new version, so you need to put it all back together to do that, only to find out that you don’t have a driver for the new drive. After that you spend the next four hours on web sites trying to read Korean, Tagalog, Japanese and Chinese because you only have the drive manufacturer’s name and they don’t have a US web site. At some point during the driver search, the hard drive collapses and you need to reinstall Windows. What else could this be but bad Geek-karma? And while this particular example is rare to occur these days – Windows automatically supports almost every DVD drive made after 2001 – the premise still stands even if the particular parts are different. I should know because I had two old typos reversed this week and I attribute the creation of both typos to bad Geek-karma.
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FeedDemon, RSS Reader

To those of you that are RSS/Blog fanatics, this will interest you. I’ve known about RSS feed readers for a long while, but I usually don’t use them. There’s been a few different RSS readers that I’ve seen and up to now SharpReader has been the best I’ve seen. I say “up to now” because there’s a new player making it’s way onto the scene – FeedDemon – and it’s a one of a kind.
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Rant: The Indirect Whiner

Here’s an oddity: a Rant about Geeks. More specifically about some of my would-be users. Let me preface this by saying two things: first, the majority of my users have been not only great sources of new features for my products, but they are also pretty understanding when one of my applications occasionally hiccups – the people are great to work with. Next, let me also say that at least 65% of all software problems occur between a monitor and a computer chair: I’m a firm believer that most errors in software come from users. There two things at odds? Not really. Let me explain…
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Follow up to the Sony Z1A

It’s been a pretty busy week and a half for me! As is plain to see via my site, I’ve rediscovered my ability to program and get an application out the door. In fact, I figure it took a total of eight days for SharpMT, to go from start to finish… and then finish again, with a second beta on the same day as the first release. This is the first application I’ve worked on that has seen the light of day in a very long while, as well as the first application I’ve coded in C#. It was also the first application that I had the pleasure of coding from my couch, my train, and my Starbucks. OH! how I love this freakin’ Sony.
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Review: Sony Z1A Notebook

And now for the good stuff: the Sony Z1A. Granted that I’ve only had this notebook for just about two days, but I’ve already dubbed this machine as the Best Notebook that I’ve ever owned. As much as I liked the PowerBook, I had had a couple of complaints with it, even after just one day with it. Granted my biggest complaint was caused by a defective part, but even so; I had issues with it within the first twelve hours. After 48 hours with the Z1A, I still find the machine to be flawless.
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CompUSA + Sony = Apple No Longer

OK. Before the I-Told-You-So pundits get on my case, let me reaffirm right now, that everything I’ve said over the last few months about the Mac and OS-X have been and still are true. Now that I’ve said that, let me also confess that I’m now Mac-less, having turned in a PowerBook 12″ and bought a new Sony Z1A. What happened? I can explain it all.
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