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The Intertubes Are Officially Full

I remember hearing about Mosaic for the first time, from Steve. My response was something akin to “Ah. Uh, what’s that for? Oh? Well I guess that’s cool. oO, check out that animated icon!” I had been on online systems throughout the 80’s and it didn’t seem like anything earth shattering. Eventually I heard Steve explain to our bosses [at the time] about how big this was going to be, and how we need to jump on it. Less than two years later, Steve realizes that something as mundane as aluminum foil had a URL for the parent company on it’s label, thus beginning what has become The Internet today with it’s shopping, ads, porn, home pages, open diaries, blogs, twitting, and the like…

Overall, I’ve been OK with it. I’ve sold software online. I’ve had a home page of sorts for ages. I’ve had a blog for many years. Even finally signed up for a twitter account that I never use – I don’t think I’m interesting enough for people to follow and following people… well, if I care, I expect it to hit the mainstream news.

Yet, today… today I’m slackjawed. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see home movies from my parent’s wedding streaming online.

“Exceeds expectations” is something I’ve said often enough but this… this somehow tops even that.

Movie Fest

Popped out to see a couple of movies over the long weekend. Strange for both of us as we hadn’t seen a movie in ages, much less together… what with a backlog of DVR shows, a room full of DVD movies, and Xbox 360 related activities, it’s easy to forget that theaters are still there, collecting nearly $9 a ticket.

X-Men 3 was good, at least I thought so. Good for the genre at any rate. A nice follow up to X1 and X2, too. The Da Vinci Code was the other one – that was good too, again, for the genre. I thought the cinematography was exceptional in The Da Vinci Code – I knew the story already but the way the filmed it kept me guessing and jumpy. The other thing of interest was Tom Hanks in the movie… I think he was underutilized. Ya know how he usually drives the film? Not so much here. It’s almost like he dialed it back a notch to let the other characters drive the movie. Which is exactly how it goes in the book: Robert is just sorta along for the ride that other people send him on. So to that end he did his job well – the rest of the cast shone and was well picked.

To compare the two wouldn’t be fair but I will say that I went to pee during X3 and didn’t even think about it in The Da Vinci Code… that’d be a 3 second review, if I had to give ya one.


Yeesh. I’ve wanted to see X-Men 3 ever since they flashed Phoenix under the water at the end of X-Men 2. At least I used to… I don’t know any more. It seems that every time I turn around I see Yet Another Preview. Teasers. Trailers. Sneak previews. Behind the Scenes. Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes. I don’t wanna know what happens in the movie, but I’m wondering if I could figure out the entire story, if I watched all this crap… I’ve been avoid all of the coverage as much as possible, but it’s really hard to do… The hype machine is really getting to be long in the tooth – it’s almost enough to make me want to wait for the DVD.

Thankfully The Da Vinci Code isn’t as bad – sure there’s hype on that too, but most of that hype is being generated by worldly religion communities and English courts: it’s more news than hype.