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Rant: Stolen!

I keep a running list of “Rant” ideas. Right now it’s about half filled with GeekStuff ideas, if only because I haven’t the time to write all the much these days… I find that if I don’t have anything acting like a stone in my shoe on the mornings that I do get a chance to type up some stuff, I just go to the list and that usually gets me going on a topic for a while. Well, last night, one of my Rantings made prime-time HBO, before I had a change to publish it! See, about two weeks ago, I was walking into a local Shop Rite and something poked my brain that got me started thinking about the Slave Trade Retribution thing… and I had a pseudo-epiphany. And then I forgot it! My ChiChi can tell ya that much – she’s often a sounding board for Rant ideas – but what I never told her that a few days later I remembered what it was, and I flung it into the To Do list. Suffice to say that my tirade on non-engineers making software took precedence, and now my idea has been out’d. Tony Soprano did it.
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