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Did You Just Feel That?

Hmmm. I would swear I can feel a cloud of Bad Geek Karma swirling over my head. The early warning signs? I can’t get my Sirius Widget to load and play music. And not for anything, but having to leave IE open for streaming music sucks. I’m half tempted to bring in Sirius hardware to avoid it. I also recently noticed that my home machine was built in November, 2002. That’s just ripe for disaster. On top of that, I’ve noticed a drop off in my page hits – that’s when I noticed that I’m completely gone from Google, Live, and Yahoo!’s search engines. Not the whole site – if you search for RandyRants it’s still there – but all of the things I used to get picked up for – like Against All Odds store, Yankee Stadium, Boston Sucks, and iTunes Support – are just *poof*’d. None of my links changed, so I have no idea what happened…

Very odd and very un-fixable – I never figured out how I got to be the top seed in the first place, so I don’t know how to get it back *g*

Smile Mob Gets Unhappy Ending

BoingBoing: Bloggers who attended a “smile mob” in Minsk, Belarus, were arrested for coming to the central square and smiling at each other. Some face months in prison.

Belarus is an ailing former Soviet state, and it’s where my paternal grandfather’s family comes from. All my life, it was a kind of romantic place of my origin, but all the news I ever hear from there is like this — police-state tactics that make the Soviet era sound like a paragon of liberty. Sad.

Sad? What’s so sad about it?

Smile at everyone you see in New York and you’ll get far worse than a simple arrest.


How about the readers here being smarter than most of the press (and the blogger) about JonBennet, eh? Silly tosser has had his charges dropped! Meh.

And if I hear one more fuckin’ thing about Katrina and New Orleans, I’m going to blow my top. It’s been one year. One year. A city doesn’t get rebuilt in one year. Hundreds of years to build, 24 hours to destroy, a decade to restore – it’s that simple. Especially since you first have to rebuild a levee system around the outside of the town as the town continues to sink into the Gulf of Mexico. Not when it was filled up like a cereal bowl on a Saturday morning by a hurricane. New York still has a gaping 3 acre sized hole in downtown Manhattan, five years after 9/11. They only have to rebuild 10 city blocks or so and it’s still a pooch screw. And frankly, they have a lot more money to work with than New Orleans does.

Take my advice: leave the existing city as part of the delta deposit, head north and start over on higher ground – in fact, take over Metarie and call it good.

Mini-Update: Whee!

Nothing earth shattering to report as of late. I did go over to “The Peninsula” this past weekend with Anna, making a day trip out of a tour of Sequim, and I’ve been trying to keep my mind serine about my change of jobs. Which has made me pretty freaked out lately: I realized the other day that I am changing jobs. Doesn’t sound like a big deal for some and I’m staying in the same company but that doesn’t minimize the change. Sure, my 401K/ESPP information doesn’t change… neither does my phone number and email addy. I’ve moved office four times since joining Microsoft, so that’s not a huge deal… but then it hit me: it’s still a complete job change and certainly a shift in career objectives, given the new group – I shouldn’t be taking it that lightly after all. So it’s been a struggle to keep my mind off it, but that’s hardly any new news…

Aside from that, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to not impulse buy a MacBook Pro and planning on getting some flooring in my house replaced… but that’s hardly news to most.

Wii! Whee! E3 this week!

The Freedom Of Randy Speech

Over the last four plus years I’ve had to delete two real comments. Oh, I’ve deleted buckets of duplicate postings, spam comments and spam trackbacks, sure, but of real comments I’ve only delete two. And edit one, but that’s just to fix typos. I don’t remember what the first one was; I remember the second one being completely out of place – as it was on a business related post – and in what I deemed to be extremely poor taste. I’ve since heard that the person that left the second comment is pissed off by my actions, claiming he’s got the right to Freedom of Speech and he won’t be back to my blog.

Hoo, I love fresh idiocity in the morning.
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Did I Sell Out?

And then, there were ads. Did I sell out? Bet yer ass I did.

I’m hoping they don’t break up the flow of the site – and I’m still debating on adding them to the RSS feed – but the truth is that TypePad costs money… so does this domain. And the two others that flow back here. It would be nice to babble and offer tech tips without losing money each year. At one point I was hoping the donations to the Software cache would support the blog, but that hasn’t panned out – at least it paid for the spell checker control in SharpMT.

Besides, the ads are targeted on the blog content, so maybe they’ll even offer some good links: call it an experiment. If I cover my costs before EOY or if I get bored with it – or if I get tarred and feathered on campus tomorrow! – I’ll pull’m back. The nice thing about the ads is that they are lightweight in the HTML Templates.

Yay me!

Random Quotes From December

Some random quotes I wanted to share, from earlier in the month, since they all made me laugh…

“You know that character from Drawn Together? You know – the cartoon one!”

“Jeez! Your legs really are short!”

“Look! A pagan ritual tree!”

“We’re driving to Grandma’s house…” ‘Oh, you’re going to visit her?’ “No, we though we’d beep the horn as we drove by.”
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