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Permit Me a Moment of Logical Fantasy

Unbridled freedom is something that I believe the human society can never handle. We’re too unstable psychologically and we have the unique knack, more than any of Earth’s other species, of fucking up a wet dream. We’re the only breed of mammals, when faced with a new environment, that will attempt to change the environment instead of adapting to what’s presented. I’m not sure if that makes us resilient or just stupid – regardless of how we look at it, we tend to be better at destroying than creating. And no, this isn’t a plea for Greenpeace or any tree-hugging group… like I said, this is an exercise in logic.
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Happy Labor Day

Happy belated Labor Day – a bit water logged in the Northeast US are we? Scary thing, actually. For most of Saturday, when it was cloudy (yet without rain) I was most reminded of Seattle. See, a lot of people think of Seattle as this dreary and always-wet type of place. Having been there (and been preached to by the residents of WA) I can say that yes, for three out of four seasons, it is typically cloudy… however, it’s not a simple monotonous gray – their skies actually are a mosaic of gray. Think about the skies of CT on over this past weekend… there were rolling and fast moving clouds the whole time; on Saturday there was an occasional blast of sunshine as well… Welcome to typical Seattle weather.
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I hate this! I had a perfectly good Rant all in my head this morning, probably from watching Good Day NY – they tend to have a story or two a week that sets me off – and I completely for got what it was! It just popped into my head and then got washed out by a venti iced chai tea latte at Starbucks. I’m at a total loss! If I ever remember it, I’ll get it in here, but it’s probably gone forever. Anyway on non-Rant unrelated note, the last of the porn shops, Peep-o-rama on 42nd Street and Times Square is being closed. It has been there for as long as I can remember – call it a testimony to former mayor Rudy Guliani. I can’t say I’m overly thrilled with the last “landmark” going, but I also love the “new” Times Square so it’s all good, I ‘spose – besides, porn is probably cheaper online these days.

RandyRants.com Swag!

Just a quick plug here about a new addition to the site: Swag! Over to your right, the last item on the menu, is a link to a whole selection of RandyRants.com merchandice. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I thought it would be neat to see my logo printed across a pair of breasts. Well, what I mean is that there’s a very female t-shirt available and where the logo is… um, well. Hm. Ok, fine – get the mouse pad instead if you’re going to make an issue out of it! Jeesh… try to be a capitalist and look what happens – there’s also regular t-shirts and mugs and frisbees… I don’t make any cash on it either, but it’s a great way to get the site some free publicity – I’m not giving up my day (or afternoon or night) job!

What you got?

What’s been on my CD player later? What about the MP3 players, is probably a better question. I warn you the I have an eclectic taste in music – Lately there’s been a lot of The Goo Goo Dolls… also some of The Calling. Not to mention Eve 6. For some unknown reason I’ve been listening to Kenny Chesney – seems to be a soothing thing. To counteract that, I’ve rediscovered The Offspring and Green Day. I seem to pick up music from time to time – if I pick up anything good, I’ll post it here.

“Why are you telling us all of this crap?”

Why? Well why not? In the last 29 years, I’ve witnessed some outlandishly bone-headed things happen right before my very eyes. I’ve seen governments fall, billionaires rise, and a lot of people just existing on horizontal planes of society. Who am I? I’m a programmer, first and foremost. I believe that logic is the basis of making decisions in a world where logic is rarely given a second thought while making decisions. I’m the guy that will stand up in a sales meeting to leave, because I usually think they’re kidding when being pitched a new product. I’m the type of person that will can find humor in anything and laugh at nothing, yet stupidity in most things will cause an Episode. So what can you expect here? If I knew that, I’d have posted a table of contents… I figure I’ll start with some things that catch my fancy and go from there. Oh, and thanks for stopping by!