SharpMT 2.0 and Pocket SharpMT 2.0 Official Release

This marks the “official” 2.0 release of SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT. It’s been quite a long while since I’ve found any bugs in it and even longer that anyone else has. If this is your first look at SharpMT (or your first look at 2.0) take a look at the following information:

SharpMT: FAQ – Feature list of Beta 1 2 3 4

Pocket SharpMT: FAQ – Feature list of Beta 1 3

Download desktop version:

ShartMT (Windows)

Download PocketPC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003 version:

Pocket SharpMT (ZIP file) | Pocket SharpMT (CAB file)

Support files: .NET Framework Version 1.1 for Windows | .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1 for PocketPC 2002 (this is included in Windows Mobile 2003)

17 thoughts on “SharpMT 2.0 and Pocket SharpMT 2.0 Official Release”

  1. Actually the Q/A in the FAQ is there in the event that I accidentally post the wrong version of SharpMT on the web, which only happened one time. The Spell Checker that I run with (and is in the screenshots) is an ActiveX control that I cannot offer to the public (yet) as it’s locked in Evaluation mode. The donations that people make to this project are all being put into the “Spell Checker Fund” which is currently 30% full. When (or if) I get enough cash to buy the spell checker control, I will include spell checking.

    Sorry for any confusion the FAQ has caused.

  2. Could you enable Tap and Hold in the text areas Pocket SharpMT? or at least add an Edit submenu to the toolbar with Copy/Paste/Cut etc


  3. It’s not there? I think I originally left out the edit menu for size on the toolbar but that was a number of edits ago. The edit boxes should have it, per standard Pocket PC edit boxes… I’ll look into it.

  4. Thought of a few suggestions for Pocket #MT:

    * On the Open Draft dialog, ditch the ‘single click=open’ and add buttons to Open and Delete. Yeah, I know we can open a file explorer and delete the .smt that way, but it would save a step, plus save the trouble of re-opening a draft if we tapped the wrong one.

    * Any chance of either an ActiveSync plugin to pull the files off the device and into #MT’s folder, or a setting in #MT to do it automatically/manually, depending on how the user sets it? Possibly even clear the folder on the device (if the user sets it that way) once the import is complete?

  5. The other night I had to open the keyboard and use Ctl-X Ctl-V insde Pocket #MT to get the aticle I was working on in. The Tap and Hold never appeared in the Entry or extended entry fields. The keyboard works fine though.

  6. @Doc – Odd. I don’t know that I have control over the fact that it doesn’t pop up the standard Cut/Copy/Paste menu… I’ll check it out.

    @Scott – On the open dialog, not a chance! :) I looked into hooking the Open proc to default it to a Report style view with it sorted by desc date, but it was a huge pain in the ass. Besides, you can delete from this dialog already – select one or more items, right mouse click and take delete… also, you can open multiple drafts at the same time, FYI.

    As to the ActiveSync request, why would you need it? My reason for asking is that Pocket SharpMT always saves to \My Documents\My Drafts, so it should get sync’d with file sync’ing. Desktop SharpMT lets you change where the drafts are saved to via the Options dialog… so if you make that the same location that you store your sync-ing files, they should automatically be sync’d with the File sync’ing. Lemme know if any of that doesn’t work… thanks!

  7. As for the ActiveSync thing, I suppose I could tell #MT to use the device’s My Documents\My Drafts but that leaves us with storing all the .smt files on the device, taking up memory. I’d rather it work the other way around: free the memory once a draft is imported to the desktop. What I did awhile ago was sync the device then use Windows Explorer to drag & drop the .smt out of the device’s folder and into the desktop #MT’s folder. I can continue doing that, just thought I’d run the idea by you :)

    On that subject of device memory though, it’d be nice to be able to select the storage area on the device (main ram/built-in storage/memory card) as opposed to strictly main ram (yes, I know…main ram is what gets auto-synched… but it’s nice to have the option at least).

  8. Oops, well yeah, Pocket doesn’t :) Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the OpenFile dialog there has even less options than the desktop version… and with the ActiveSync, yeah: it would mean keeping all of the drafts in both locations. I’ll consider making the draft location configurable for the Pocket version, and I’ll add the other stuff to the laundry list of features, but I doubt I’ll get to the Open dialog or the ActiveSync in the short term, if at all.

    Also Doc – the problem with Cut/Copy/Paste is the clipboard: the Compact framework doesn’t expose it, so it means an addition of 20-30K to add it with P/Invoke. That’s not too bad, but then there’s the issue with the menu itself. The Tap and Hold clears whatever text you have selected; Cut/Copy won’t work in that case. Beyond that – i.e. adding it to the menu – I have to think about it. I know I can just throw it to a text string, instead of using the clipboard, but that’s sorta kludgy… I’ll mull it over, though.

  9. Tap & Hold *shouldn’t* clear the text, unless the standard .NET method is different than the eVC++ method. I can certainly highlight some text in Pocket Word, etc. and Tap & Hold to get a context menu to Copy/Cut/Paste/etc.

  10. An alternative to Tap & Hold, if that is unobtainable in .NET, would be to perhaps include a “dockable” toolbar (for lack of a better term — what I mean is a toolbar similar to what some of the SIP’s use where the user can click an icon to “lower/raise” the style toolbar) with icons to cut/copy/paste/bold/italics/etc.

  11. Doesn’t clear the text – it clears the text selection. I’m not sure why or if it can be worked around, but there’s no short term patch for it… especially since the Clipboard is outside of the framework.

  12. OK stupid question: How do I disable that pop up that prompts me to save whenever I try to post (and again after the thing hits the server)? I don’t want to save a local copy.

  13. i have tried several times to access my blog thru the options set up it continue to get the “internal 500 error, please verify your CGI-Bin path is correct” it is correct…i made the change to the…it is still not happy…. any suggestions??

    thank you for your time


  14. OK, another thing (sorry, just installed 2.0 here…I think I was using 1.4 before). Here was my process before for posting to my blog: Write up the entry, hit Ctrl-Shift-P to post it to the server, after it posted, hitting Ctrl-N. Now when I do all of this now, I not only get prompts to save, but get new tabs vs. new blank entries.

    Is there a way I can change it back to how it used to be? Or should I just go back to 1.x?

  15. @Jake – Each tab is it’s own draft, so if you create a new draft, it will give you another tab. Also, each time it posts to the server, yes a local copy is attempted to be saved – it’s supposed to do this. If you tell it to save, it will not prompt you a second time after the post succeeds to be posted. If 2.0 doesn’t make ya as happy as 1.3 did, that’s still on the server for downloading, but all future features will get rolled into the 2.0 code base… HTH!

    @Mad – Please drop me an email so I can work with you on any connection problems you’re having… thanks!

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