Job Satisfaction Rating

How do you define a good job?

To me, there’s a few different levels of questions that need to be answered.

How do you know you’ve got the right position? For me, it’s when you realize that what you’re do from 9-5 is what you would be doing from 5p-11p, if you couldn’t make a living at it.

How do you know if you’re in the right department? When you can sit through a two-hour all-hands meeting and not get bored while listening to the status reports of a bunch of teams that don’t directly impact your own team, muchless your job. [In my last job, I used to sit with my group, listen to how we brought in all of the money for the uber-team, and then listen to accolades for all of the other teams that did nothing but spend the money we helped to bring in – not as much fun, frankly]

How do you know your uber-team kicks ass? You get your ID checked at the front door by security and are then handed a pre-release copy of a holiday-timed release – just for fun – so that you can play it at your desk.

How do you know your job, team, and uber-team is the bomb dizzle? I can’t tell you anything about what I just saw.


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