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All Praise Sanrio

CNET Asia: Sanrio’s annoyingly cute kitty has enveloped the Xbox in its feline embrace […]and painted the console a girly pink.

If Sanrio ever gets out of the products business to form a government lobby, we’re all fucked. No one can stand up to their marketing force. No one. Within two weeks, we’d all be worshipping mouth-less big-headed cats… with bows in our hair.


As the Digital World Turns

Hillary Clinton via Kotaku: [About Grand Theft Auto] This is a silent epidemic of media desensitisation that teaches kids it’s OK to diss people because they are a woman, they’re a different color or they’re from a different place.

That’s a crock of shit. In GTA you’re supposed to “diss” people regardless of their color, sex, or location. Everyone gets smacked around as equals, which is just about as unbiased as you can get. In fact, this reminds me of the hubbub about “hate crime”… I’ll never understand why a hate crime carries a heavier sentence than the crime itself. How is targeting someone for an assault for their color, sex or location worse than just random or justified assault? Either way, lock the son of a bitch up, and be done with it… why highlight a biased crime? Well, aside from the fact that the media can play up a hate crime better than they could a regular ol’ crime… Screw that: it should be the same heavy sentence regardless of intent or reason. I can’t believe that this is lost on the mass populous, much less the elected officials.

Then again, how can I take any elected official that uses “diss” in an official speech all that seriously?

Pride or Poor Writing?

One of the things that I decided to do with this blog is allowing comments to be posted in an un-molested form, quite unlike a 8 year old boy in Neverland mind. Wait, was that typed outloud? Sorry. Read too many RSS Feeds I guess. Anyway, when someone posts a comment here, I usually leave it alone, even if I don’t agree with them. I’ll remove them if they’re spam or just stupid (the occasional “fuck you” comment doesn’t stick around, unless there’s a reason for it – support your opinions and it will stick around!) or if there were repeats posted. Some of the threads here have over 120 posts to them – the D-Link or iTunes posts even have helpful tips for other users. This is a great, great thing.

So what does it say about a blog that removes your comments just because you don’t agree with the obvious “you should agree with us” opinion? Unless the thing got ate by a blog process (although I do remember seeing it there, after I confirmed) or something, I’d say it’s pretty darned lame.

Hella Lame.

Blog != (Podcast || vlog)

Blogs are not the same as Podcasting or Vlogging.

I’ve noticed that there’s been a report around the blogsphere on coming vlog… vlogs? Video Web Log. Not to be confused with podcasting, which is an audio version of a web log, or blogging which is usually just text and still pictures.

Sneer. Technology will kill responsible blogging.
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Horny Digital Dumbass

Reuters: A Los Angeles man who sneaked into Canada in February to see his Internet girlfriend will be deported — minus all his fingers and some of his toes, the Winnipeg Sun newspaper reported Tuesday.

You won’t believe the rest of the article… simply put, he hopped on a bus in California and crossed the border in Manitoba. Problem is his girlfriend is in Quebec, so he missed the proper province by 1600 miles. Add to this the fact that he couldn’t cross the border legally because he robbed a Pizza Hut in Arkansas …in 1984.

That’s a man that’s hard up for a woman… of course now that he’s losing his fingers from frost bite, he’s going to need a woman, seeing as “self service” is no longer an option for the guy.

Poor bastard.

Empathy in Numbers

Furrygoat: This, of course, usually has the unfortunate side effect of landing me in some hot water with the family when it comes to proper etiquette. Such was the case with this year’s holiday card. … Well, let me just say that the family didn’t quite understand or appreciate my good sense of humor. My parents (as were other relatives apparently) weren’t as pleased with it as I was.

Nice to know that I’m not the only one quagmired in holiday chaos this year!

Programmer’s Gripe: Hours of Programming

I have a stone in my shoe. The now-daily outcry of “abuse” of EA employees, which was instigated by the wife of an EA employee. It’s almost as annoying as being governor-less and finding “new lost” ballots on a daily basis, knowing that even if mine is found, it won’t count because of a registration snafu… I’ve had quite enough of the “EA Scandal”, especially when it’s not a scandal in the first place. Ah, Holiday cheer indeed!
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Resolutions of Many Kinds

A Monday Recap! I finally fixed my MPx200 problems: got an AudioVox SMT5600. Also fixed my music woes: WinAMP and iTunes both helped. Side stepped an inner fear: stayed in an MRI machine for more than five seconds… of course, with all the good stuffs, I now wonder if I’ll have more phone problems, an exploding iPod and a misread from the MRI scans in a backlash or something…
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iPod Shame

When I was a kid, I never did well in school. I never saw much of a point to it, in all honesty – to me, grade school was pass or fail. Of course, that never helped to ease the pangs of anxiety that I felt when I knew I bombed a test or a project. I’m sure you know the feeling: that deep empty hole that opens in your stomach and you feel like you’ve been stuck in zero gravity for a long period of time… it’s the same feeling you get when you step out of your apartment and you realize that you are locked out, without a key. It’s the same feeling that you should get when you get caught with something toxic on your iPod.
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Halo 2: Midnight Madness

I remember when CompUSA hosted a “midnight madness” for IE4. I stopped by my local place and there were about a dozen Geeks milling around for a free T-shirt and CD. I was later in those days – still trying to maintain a college-esque life – so what the hell, right? For Halo 2, I’d simply call it “madness”. Screw the midnight. I stopped by my local EB Games tonight and there are already forty people in front of the store. At 6:30. Forty people. Some women, too, which has got to be a milestone for a video game release. A bunch of them playing in a mini-tournament in split screens, but there were skateboards, backpacks, and a couple of computer totes/briefcases marking their place in line. I took the chance to pre-order a copy there and will probably pick it up at 12:30 or even tomorrow… madness!