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Blog Update

I don’t understand spammers… they’ve gotta be dumber than dirt, and I mean that in the worst possible way. I purposely turned off HTML tags for my comments on this site, so you can’t put in a URL there. And ever since I was forced to update MT to 2.661, my comments haven’t worked properly: email addresses are posted fine, but URL’s are not. I was thrilled at this side effect: now there was no way to link to another site! I figure that this would mean that spammers wouldn’t bother with my Blog because none of their information would be displayed, right?

150 deleted comments later and I’m convinced we print “Do Not Eat” on packaging material for the people that are as dumb as these spammers.

Strangeness in Sports

Odd. The Seattle Storm is playing the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA finals. For me, it’s a personal clash between past and present. What even stranger for me is seeing old UCONN female players playing for the local team and that isn’t the University of Connecticut. And yes, the Sun’s arena is between the Casino of the Earth and Casino of the Air at Mohegan Sun – as some of the KONG reporters were guessing at, on air. I wonder who I’m supposed to route for, in that match up…

Incidentally, the Seahawks and the Patriots are currently sporting a 3-0 record after a bye week, in the NFL… that’s an easy choice though: ‘hawks, hands down… I want no happy sports fans in Boston!

Jack Daniels Light?

Sorta. This morning, I heard on the Stern show that Jack Daniels has been lowered in proof from 86 to 80 and without any fanfare about the change. The cast speculated as to why they might do this – remeber the Coke II debacle? don’t mess with a winning drink – and the thought was “for political correctness” (we make you less drunk). Would be a noble, if asinine, reason, but I think it’s because JD wants to expand its market. I recently learned in Canada that some bars have a ceiling for the proof of alcohol they can serve. That ceiling, in Vancouver anyway, is 80 proof which would have barred JD. Since the 6 proof drop won’t be noticed by most mouths, why not do it? I think it’s a wise move on their part.
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A Quietly Smug Moment

Someone emailed towards the end of last week, wondering why I didn’t jump all over two particular topics, one of which was the now “very visible” CBS news reporting debacle… I mean, look at the situation: CBS jumps on a story that will trash a would-be President without properly checking its facts full, and now they look foolish. Very foolish. In all honesty, I was sorta preoccupied last week because of a planned trip up to Vancouver and then I spent a full 48 hours of non-computer time. But even if I was around, what is there for me to say, except maybe that “it’s about time” that someone start to check up on the media…
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Nice To Know…

The Microsoft company-wide annual meeting was held at the McCaw Hall in Seattle Center today. Since there were a limited number of seats available, tickets were collected and ID badges were verified at the door (as well as a check for cameras, as is common with most conferences/meetings of this size). Rip and tear tickets? Naw – the McCaw Hall uses a bar code scanner that to verify a ticket, and in that scanner is a Palm III device.

Nice to know they’re good for something, besides just pretending to be a coaster.

Retirement Plan: Localized

How random is the Web? About as random as I seem to be. Over the last 72 hours I’ve hit the IBM ThinkPad drivers-o-rama center, looked into the doctorate program at University of Washington (and tried to find out if such a degree was covered in my benefits package) and checked to see if one of the local casinos was hiring any unexperienced dealers. I’d say pretty random, but still very useful in my fulfilling my quest for a local casino worthy to replace Mohegan Sun in my travels and long range plans.
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An Ode To a Vegan

While adapting to my new environment, I’ve been chatting up new people in and around town and work. I’m actually enjoying my first bout of almost anonymity, which is something that I haven’t had many opportunities to experience before. One of the things that I’ve begun to notice, as I meet more people, is that Vegans are everywhere and are often found in attractive women. And this creates a problem for me, to some degree.
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MT Shit the Bed. Again.

Insert an unhappy expression here. Between my hosting company and my blogging engine, my entire Blog went belly up about 10 hours ago. It’s back on its feet now and I think everything works. I know that I lost a couple of comments, but nothing too recent and nothing that matter, I don’t think. The question now is what to do about MT.
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Ironic? I Think Not

For the most part, I was out of work in CT for about eight months, before I landed a full time job in WA [state – grr]. While I was unemployed, I landed a couple of contracts that helped pay the bills, but for the most part, I wasn’t having much luck with recruiters. Now that I’ve moved to the Left Coast, I’m amused by the onslaught of recruiter emails that I’ve been collecting over time.
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Computer-Related Darwin Award Candidate

Woe unto me. I’m nominating myself for a Darwin Award. Well, a computer-esque one anyway, seeing as I’m still alive. My work computer, however, is not because I killed it. And I had help too, but it was of my own doing: Microsoft didn’t hand me a loaded gun. Sure, there was a gun and yes there was ammo, but I loaded the weapon, pointed it at the hard drive, and pulled the trigger on my own. Yay for me!
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The First 24 Hours

Why is this filed under “digital pity”? Because I don’t have any reliable Internet access! Oh, sure, I can go to a Starbucks and pay $6/hour for it. I could walk seven or eight blocks to the public library for it. Hell, I can even walk to Kells for it, but I can’t get a lock on an Access Point from my temporary apartment and DSL/Cable seems to be a special request, and that’s irksome. That’s why it’s under “digital pity”.
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Go to Google. Type in “Boston Sucks”. Click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You’ll find your way back to this site. Some how, this article became first in line within the Google’s data storage system, for the phrase Boston Sucks [I’ve got nothing against the city – just the MLB team that plays there]

Fans of the Yankees, be glad that such a time-honored phrase is claimed by one of your own.