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Go to Google. Type in “Boston Sucks”. Click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You’ll find your way back to this site. Some how, this article became first in line within the Google’s data storage system, for the phrase Boston Sucks [I’ve got nothing against the city – just the MLB team that plays there]

Fans of the Yankees, be glad that such a time-honored phrase is claimed by one of your own.


I was browsing some things over Amazon – mostly looking for a new set of headphones, since the Apple iPod In-Ear model can’t compare to the Sony Fontopia pair that I lost an ear thing for – and I noticed their “Featured item” which selected, specifically for me, using their marketing modeling/tracking information. My featured item? A 36-pack of Trojans.

Best supporting case to make “targeted marketing” an oxymoron.

GUI’s Useless?

The other day, Steve was telling me about an email based debate over the “bloat of the Windows GUI” layer and how a computer should only ever need a command prompt to be useful. I was going to leave it alone – Steve is very much in the “we all need GUIs” camp – because the comment strikes me as completely ridiculous, but I decided to go ahead and comment on it anyway, if only because someone needs some digital pity.
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And again, Christopher Anthony is the Blog, but this time, it’s a little different. He’s gone off and gotten a fist full of Windows OS and application discs and has decided to experience Windows first hand, since he hasn’t worked with it very much. He’s also turned on the commenting feature on his site, and from what I’ve seen, he’s getting some good feedback through his site already.
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New Category Added

What is “digital pity” exactly? It’s a place that will host commentary for statements like this: “There are several people who have asked me about how Linux compares to Longhorn. I have decided to answer those questions here.”

I have to pity people that can make sweeping declarations for technology that is yet available – and probably won’t be for at least 18-24 months or more – because it defies all logic.
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Ah, Well, it’s Time.

Christopher Anthony must have even more free time on his hands than I do, which is a sad state to live in. How can I say that? He actually took the time to rebut my analysis of his website, although he just changed the word order of his original arguments to combat my points. How many flaws are in his argument? Quite a few, but I’m unwilling to clutter my Blog to debate him – would the punk actually allow for comments on his site, I would, but he seems a little skiddish – so my rule of thumb is to wait until he posts something worth responding to.

And in spite of that, I have noticed some key quotes from our whipping boy…
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Piece of (Worthless) Work, Part II

Christopher Anthony: “Less than 5 minutes online getting critical updates I got three viruses, I hosed the drive and now I use Linux totally.”

Seems the dipshit lost his computer to a power surge and bought a new IBM PC that came pre-loaded with Windows 2000. What I find to be ironic is that he’s convinced he downloaded three viruses from Windows update. How can he know he has a virus if he hasn’t installed an AV package yet? And by the way… what about AV packages? Are they bad because they require a download from time to time? Nevermind that most commercial Linux versions also have an update process that pings as much as Windows on a first time install…

How can you respect a fuckwit that lost his computer to a power surge anyway? How smart can he be, if he doesn’t use a surge protector?
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Piece of (Worthless) Work

Christopher Anthony: I decided to start this blog as a way to keep up with the rise of Linux and the downfall of Microsoft and Windows. Due to recent happennings in the Europe, Microsoft appears to be losing its dominace on the desktop. Also due to their illegal funding of the SCO group the SEC will close them down in America and Linux is the only real alternative to Windows. [and yes, those misspellings are part of his post]

You know this kid, right? The “Blind and Passionate Moron”? He used to bother Rory with anti-Microsoft comments. He’s also the type of zealot that WordSoup has a problem with. Personally I think he’s the type of person that would whine to a teacher that someone disagreed with him during recess… what a buffoon… ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to pick on someone that is this confused (I don’t like to kick a man when he’s down) but this guy needs a beating with a bamboo cane.
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