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Old Habits Die Hard

Over the last few years, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing my blog engine. It’s not a change I’d take on lightly: SharpMT is still my primary blog writer and that’s tightly coupled with MovableType… yet, I’ve had a less than happy feeling with MT over the last few years, mostly because SixApart keeps talking about their new hotness that I won’t be offered on my MT5 instance. Sure, they continue to update MT5 with security updates, but their updates are a nuke-reinstall-in-place which makes my feet itch, and I wasn’t keen on having to shell out Enterprise pricing for my little corner of the intertubes.

Simply put, the biggest challenge is that my blog is… old.
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GTA V in the news. Again

Business Insider Australia: Target And Kmart Have Taken Grand Theft Auto V Off The Shelf Over Violence Against Women Claims […] Two of Australia’s major retailers, Target, and now Kmart, have pulled the controversial game from their stores in the wake of claims of misogyny and violence against women, including the ability to have first-person sex with prostitutes and even watch it. In one example, a sex worker was killed with an axe in the game. A petition bearing 40,000 signatures on it was sent to Target and yesterday, the company announced it was pulling the game.

I am appalled.
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#RE2PECT: After the Walk-off…

While everyone thanks Jeter as he exits the diamond, I for one want to pass along a word of thanks to A-Rod. By getting banned for the entire season and taking himself out of the spotlight for a change, Jeter didn’t have to waste any time defending the team or fighting drama in the press as he has often had to, as A-Rod’s captain: he was able to focus on baseball in the not-being-in-the-spotlight way he’s always approached the game.

(to be completely honest, I said to Jolene last night, huh… where is A-Rod in all of this? because I sorta expected him to be sniffing around all of Jeter’s press… I had to go to Wikipedia before I realized he had been banned all season… guess I didn’t miss him.)

And Now, A Word on Modern Politics

From MSN I lifted this quote:

“”So we take these actions, and now Republicans are mad at me for taking these actions. They’re not doing anything and then they’re mad at me for doing something. I’m not sure which of the things I’ve done they find most offensive, but they’ve decided there going to sue me for doing my job,” Obama said in his speech at picturesque Lake Harriet.”

Why can’t I talk about this to almost everyone I know? Because most people I know will immediately jump to one side of the aisle or the other and defend what they know to be right. They will sling comments that make the Other Side look stupid or silly or wrong. And that automatically negates any valid talk about anything to do with this problem or any other governmental issue.

You see, whether Obama has actually “overstepped his limits of power” or if Congress can actually sue Obama for “doing his job” as he sees it… no matter who is right in this situation, the next effect is that the quote above, from our President’s own mouth, could be easily and simply paraphrased by anyone in the world as: “”WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Obama said in his speech at picturesque Lake Harriet.”

Our leader has been reduced to this? “They’re mad at me”? Really?

Oh, America: how proud we must be, today.


When I write up a blog post, it normally doesn’t take very long. I write from the top of my head, sometimes the heart, and other times from a puddle of bile; stream of consciousness or capturing thoughts in a SharpMT window… the editing can take a while but the writing almost always comes quickly.

Except for today. Today I’ve started and re-started this post and I can’t seem to focus. I keep looking up at an azure sky and getting lost in my thoughts, thinking of times long past and continuously feeling surprised that these memories took place in WA, rather than in CT.

It’s summer again in Redmond and the weather will be happy for the next few months…

I’ve been here for ten years.
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The $15 Minimum Wage: Why It Will Harm More Than Help

The $15/hour minimum wage will not help the majority of people in America; in fact, it will hurt the lower and middle classes in a substantial way.

Having said that, I just became very, very unpopular among the people in the Pacific Northwest. I feel like there’s a ton of people here that want to support a higher minimum wage… I just think they’re being very, very short-sighted.

In fact, if we approach a minimum wage increase in such a cavalier way, we are going to end up hurting the people we’re trying to help and shrink the middle class at the same time.

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Hm – NBA Edition

MSN: Oprah latest entertainer interesting in buying Clippers

Hm. How long until people look past the shock of Sterlings’ comments and realize that his girlfriend secretly recorded a private conversation that landed in the hands of TMZ – leaked? stolen? paid for? – and resulted in the possibility of a NBA team that is currently good enough to be in the playoffs?

Since NBA teams just don’t become available for sale everyday – unless they are from Seattle – I’m very, very close to calling shenanigans on this whole thing.
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Hall of Famer

MSN: Coolest cars in song – Red Barchetta (1987)

Amazing the difference a year can make. Rush wouldn’t have been considered for an article such a this… in fact, MSN could have been guaranteed a huge flux of hate mail for leaving Red Barchetta off the list. Now, a year after Rush has been accepted into the Hall of Fame, they are #3 on the list of cool cars, ahead of Springsteen’s Pink Cadillac. Color me happy.

Of course, MSN will still get flooded with emails from Rush fans for this post: Red Barchetta was written in 1980 and released in 1981, on Moving Pictures. Any similarities to “The Last Chase” is strictly coincidental, but I’d forgive MSN… taking the time to do the research on the R&T article and track down a picture of a Ferrari 166 will do that to ya.

Hell, what can’t a Ferrari fix?

Wait, What?

MSN: Student fell to death after eating pot cookie
An autopsy report lists marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor” in the death of 19-year-old Levy Thamba Pongi, a native of the Republic of Congo who fell from a motel balcony on March 11. […] The friends told investigators that Pongi ate the cookie and “exhibited hostile behavior” that included pulling things off walls and speaking erratically, the autopsy report said.

I call bullshit. I’ve seen tons of hostile behavior from various substances but never, ever pot. Have I seen someone try to break into a vending machine with a coat hanger? Yes, but it wasn’t hostile; it was methodical. Have I seen someone head butt a Mustang three times because he was jealous for something with his girlfriend? Yes, but that was because of alcohol. Have I seen someone pass out with a cigarette still in their mouth? Yep.

And also, why is this national newsworthy? Unless we’re saying we found the first known pot-induced angry young man… or because he’s underage for pot use? How many kids – last night alone – had violent issues caused by alcohol in Colorado? I bet the number is more than 1.

I think there was something else was going on with this kid that was left on the editing waste bin, in spite of the clean toxicology report.

-1 Hippies: Nice Job

Gizmodo: Measles Are Back in New York City Thanks to Anti-Vax Absurdity

Nice fuckin’ job you wide-minded “I know better than science” idiots. You’ve helped bring back measles – which shouldn’t be around in today’s day and age – and once it gets a foothold, it will mutate and negate the protection that those of us opted to have by getting vaccinated in the first place. Next time, when you make bad decisions, keep them for yourself. Don’t impact the rest of us. I mean, if someone offered me a parachute while jumping out of a plane, I’d take it… you anti-vaccine lot would probably worry that you’d hurt a bird with your ripchord on the way down so not take it. That’s fine because unless you land on someone or their home, that decision doesn’t impact anyone but you. Not vaccinating your children hurts the community. Again, nice job.

Mind you, these are the same people that jump on the Bill Nye bandwagon of “oh, evolution has to be right! Look how silly creationism is! Who would put blind faith in a larger power?” and yet… they put blind faith that Living Well(TM) is good enough for them – and their children – meaning that they don’t need vaccines.

The irony is steep today, folks.

Big Steak Thursday – Tenth Anniversary

Can it really have been ten years since the first official observation for Big Steak Thursday? Looks like it: the first post was from 2004.

Given the Roman Catholic’s recent history, I’m expecting a Papal Bull in the mail some time this week, officially recognizing Big Steak Thursday as a holy day of obligation. I think Pope Francis would be all for it.

Truth: there’s a New York strip in the fridge already.

GTA V: A New Parent’s Reaction

I have an 11 month old son sleeping upstairs and disc 1 of Grand Theft Auto V sitting in the tray of my 360.

Why am I writing a blog post instead of playing the game? Or the better question: now that I have a son, what do I think of my past opinions about GTA being a valued franchise for gaming consoles… I mean, before I was a parent, I always defended this series as being fun and important to each generation. This is covered ground. I almost feel like I should repost any of the GTA or violence in video games or Jack Thompson posts from the past…

Now that I’m a father, I still wouldn’t change a fsckin’ thing.
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