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Sharp MT — Pocket Sharp MT — Phone SharpMT: 3.3

Talk about hitting a trifecta – this marks the official release of the following:

SharpMT 3.3 – Windows desktop edition (.NET Framework 2.0 required)

Pocket SharpMT 3.3 – Pocket PC edition (.NET Compact Framework 2.0 required)

Phone SharpMT 3.3 – SmartPhone edition (.NET Compact Framework 2.0 required)
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Phone SharpMT 3.2.1 – Beta 1

What’s Phone SharpMT? I guess some history needs to be rehashed.

SharpMT got started because I wanted a MT/TypePad specific offline blog writer for my notebook; when I started working on SharpMT over three years ago, there simply weren’t any tools that were tied tightly to MT. Pocket SharpMT got spun off during SharpMT 2 because people asked me to do it… Pocket PC’s were getting keyboards and WiFi so it started to make sense. Shortly after getting that out, the Phone-enabled Pocket PC devices hit and Pocket SharpMT went with them. Meanwhile, SharpMT went to version 3 with a new design and using the .NET 2.0 Framework… Pocket SharpMT eventually stepped up to the newer Framework as well.

And then Motorola finally got the Q out the door… a Smartphone based device with a thumb-sized keyboard… and, well, since I might have one someday, a new version of SharpMT simply had to be kicked off:

Phone SharpMT is for the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone platform.
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TypePad Is Sorta Busted

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with SharpMT on Windows Vista (Beta 2). I noticed that I was getting an error when I refreshed Text Filters… I assumed it was something odd in Vista.

I was wrong – Text Filters via XML-RPC seem to be broken. Definitely is for TypePad; I have no idea if MT 3.3 has the same problem.

They work fine via the TypePad web pages; there’s no problem when posting drafts via SharpMT if you have the Text Filters already stored locally. There is a big problem if you are a new user of SharpMT and you are getting Text Filters for the first time: you can only select “None” since that’s the only default filter available.

I have an open service request with SixApart about this; someone else has reported a similar error so they’re already looking into it. The biggest down side to this is that the problem impacts all three two versions of SharpMT: desktop and Pocket PC.

SharpMT on Vista Beta 2

With SharpMT 3.x I tried to use “best practices” when it came to things like network access and security related tasks. It puts the “write-able” files in the right places, asks proper permisisons, etc. I thought I had done a good job. It was OK on XP and on early versions of Vista. Beta 2 however proves to be a stricter arena: SharpMT can’t run because it doesn’t request permissions to register the Spell Checker OCX on start up.

There is a workaround: go into Windows Explorer, right click on the SharpMT.exe file and select “Run as administrator”. This only has to be done once; after this one time registering step, the application will run via the Start Menu or any other SharpMT icon.

Please feel free to report any Vista-specific SharpMT bugs here!


I guess the “free ride” of blogging tools couldn’t last forever… I was checking out Windows Live Search this morning and said “oO, lets see how it does with SharpMT.” It did well: found all the sites I expected it to. Even has a Feeds search which is kinda neat… then I noticed an ad on the right and went “errr?”. Oh, not because there are ads there, but what the ad said: “Smarter than SharpMT”.

Obviously I had to click through that!
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