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Ee-oh-eleven… Ee-oh-eleven…

This morning, Ocean’s Eleven was on one of the movie channels… not the remake from a couple of years ago, but the original from 1960 with the Rat Pack, Mr. Roper, a Boss from the Godfather, and a couple other ppl, taking place in Vegas when the Vegas strip was just about five hotels long. Good movie, actually, if you understand the Rat Pack at the time.
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The MTD sucks bollocks. So do the Mets for that matter.

The Milford Transit Dept sucks major bollocks. Yes, I’m currently sitting on the train platform instead of my regular morning train because the people at the MTD (that control the commuter parking lots that I park in most mornings) have — oo! an Acela train just went by! — over sold the lots while under construction. Not only did they keep the “normal” amount of spaces for lot 1 and 2 but lot 2 is down about 75% of the original spaces and lot 1 down about 50% – obviously I have been put in Time Out in lot 3, which has more than enough parking for all of Milford, but it made me trek a bit to the platform, making me miss my train.
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Boston Sucks! Boston Sucks! Boston ….! Boston ….!

A few weeks ago, the Seattle Mariners made national news – no, not for their playing of Ichiro – for a new policy they put into effect at SafeCo field for the Yankees-Mariners’ homestand. Fans that were showing up to the ballpark with the traditional “Yankees Suck” t-shirts were being told that they had to either turn them inside out or take them off, should they want to get into the game. Fans were a bit pissed off about this “new” policy, and a whole media circus occurred.
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got date.NET?

“Been there; done that.” A great expression. “Let’s not and say we never did it?” A little tweak on another great expression. “It’s all fun and games until someone uses a fallopian tube!” Good words to live by. Ok, I’ve already digressed from this Rant and I haven’t even started it yet. The title says Internet Dating, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that I’ve done it already, long before the Internet was trendy and certainly long before services like or Lavalife were around, that’s for certain. Does it work? It can… it depends on what’s involved and how much the people want to work at their relationship; sound familiar? It should – it’s what’s required to make any relationship work in the first place.
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Hey man, got a butt?

What else made this morning bizarre? The scene on the train platform. Scene might be too strong a word, but while standing on my Northbound side of the tracks, there was a bit of activity on the Southbound side that made for a nice anti-Norman Rockwell episode. Not that I’m anti-Rockwell mind you! He just seems to have such great still shots of a “perfect” moment from a “perfect” American life and this was quote the opposite. I use the quotes there for a reason – what is perfect to Rockwell might not be perfect to all. What I saw today would make a tobacco executive get sticky pants and the MTV exec’s stay up all night with marketing to find the next big “spoodge” for their industry.
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Chat rooms and Parent and Malls!

I’ve been chatting online on and off for about 16 years now – yes, I’m that big a Geek – and as I’m now 29, you can see that I started chatting rather early on. 16 years ago, the only chat services were the ones that no one really knew about – just computer people – so the chat was rather “normal” as were the majority of the people. Sure there was lots of GeekSpeak, but it wasn’t a breeding ground for non-Geek weirdos; a subtle but very pointed distinction. For the most part, parents didn’t know about chat rooms, but if they did there was less to worry about, given the people online.
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The Rising Price of CD’s

This is a monopolistic industry. It’s outrageous and frankly, I’m pretty pissed off about it. It’s been something of a slow rage to me, but here’s the end result of it. See, I started listen to music when vinyl was on its way out (because it wasn’t trendy anymore) and cassette tapes were in the mainstream. OK, fine, I was around for 8-Track too, but that’s moot because I never had one of my own. Cassettes sucks. They were fragile lil things, constantly breaking, unspooling, melting in the sun and sounded like crap. Dolby-B/C never did anything but muffle the highs and every tape player had a slightly different speed to it, so music never sounded the same from machine to machine. Oops, got techy again. Anyway, I what I’m trying to say is I was around for the DAT debacle and the introduction of CD’s.
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I know that the say after the new Rush CD was released you would expect to see something about it here… however, I FORGOT TO BUY IT! *sigh* So what am I listening to lately? Flickerstick. It seems that they were one of the bands involved in some VH1 contest – I have no idea. I heard about them from a friend of mine and they were well worth picking up. They are a cross of the Goo Goo Dolls, Ben Folds Five, and Eve 6 – since all of THEM are great bands, in my opinion, I find Flickerstick to be a great find… besides, as they’re new and there seems to be a shortage of new stuff these days. Anyway, go pick’m up – well worth the $14 (or MP3 surfing, not that I would condone such things!)

T-Mobile: Bad Coverage in CT

Well, it happens every now and again. You get “bad” customer support and you have to take matters into your own hands. My target today? VoiceStream. Now, before I get into this debacle, the people at VoiceStream have been great. It’s my frustration with their technical support information (or lack there of) that is the problem. The people have done everything that they have been allowed to do – their management gives them some “scripts” and “suggested actions” and that’s all they have to work with, so I don’t fault them.
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Costanza on Tipping

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever had one of those “ideas” pop into your head that make you feel like you’re living in a Seinfeld episode? Or worse, you witness something that makes you so exasperated that when you finally start thinking clearly again, you realize that you could have been George in a Seinfeld episode? I have. I think of them as Costanza-isms.
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Coffee Bean on the Half Shell

I’m a coffee addict. I admit this freely. I am a Slave to the Bean. It’s not a pretty addiction, but there are far worse vices out there, legal and illegal, that I could be chained to. I know my limits – I have little willpower for such things, and I’m not a quitter, so I wouldn’t even play with the addictive drugs that are out there. So I’m a BeanHead. Having said this, it is very, very dangerous to fuck with my Bean. Plain and simple.
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Suzyn Waldman

A couple of years MSG Networks made a “radical” decision and put their first woman play-by-play broadcaster on for Yankees baseball. The sporting world yawned as such a move, but the media at large went ga-ga over the fact that a woman was going to announcing games in a “Man’s World”. Me, I didn’t care really, provided the announcer in question was worthy of the Yankees – I come from the times of the Scooter, who would miss plays during the game because he was busy talking about his wife’s lasagna. It was entertaining, even though it might not have been the most “intensive” sporting broadcast – lets face it: baseball is great live but you usually need more than just stats when watching it on TV. So I was almost optimistic with a new broadcaster.
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Israeli Conflict

The last few days I’ve been watching the Israeli crisis with the rest of the world. First question I have is why is it a crisis? Who’s surprised, really? People have been fighting there for at least three millennia. Have we evolved so much that there wouldn’t be fighting there? Duh. Be that as it may, fine: call it a crisis. Want to know what’s causing this crisis? It’s easy enough, from my point of view – screw those people that have degrees and long winded speeches on CNN. This is simple.
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Problems in the Media

I can bet you anything that this will be one of those reoccurring things throughout this web site – complaints about the Media. There’s a lot of gripes I’ve got with this nebulous group that has such a driving force in our society today… there’s never a shortage of complaints, with the largest one I have being Clinton’s election and then re-election, but today I’m going to point the finger at an even large target: the mass populous.
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“Let’s Go Yankees”

For those of you that haven’t met me, I’m a Yankees fan. I was born into the Pinstripes with a strong hatred (speaking in the form of sport rivalry, of course) for the Red Sox. I was there in the dark years of the 80’s. I would leave school for the summer, and the NYY would be in first by 4 games. I’d return in the fall and they would be in last by ten games. I’m not the type to jump on a bandwagon; win or lose, they’re my team. I’m also a hockey fan and while I do follow a team (Rangers, since ’89 so don’t start any of that “since 94” shit with me – the 1940 chant still rings in my ears) I’m a fan of the overall game. I have a jersey collection of about 15 different teams – college, Olympic, minor and pro – and I’ve been known to wear many of them on occasion. With baseball, I have a similar collection, but with the exception of one Bridgeport Bluefish jersey, all the jerseys are for only one team: the Yankees. I’ll wear no other.
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